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    What are Sulfite Allergy Symptoms?

    Sulfite allergy or sensitivity can be one of the hardest things to diagnose. According to the FDA, 1 in 100 people suffer from a sulfite sensitivity or allergy. Many people live with a sulfite sensitivity without even knowing about it! They accept that drinking a glass of wine will come with some nasty side effects […]

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    Do You Have a Wine Allergy?

    One of the huge reasons we created StiQit was to aid the millions of Americans that are overheard politely declining a glass of wine at dinner while they say, “no thank you, I have a wine allergy.” But what are you really saying when you claim to be allergic to this wonderful elixir? What is […]

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    6 Fall Superfoods That Will Have You Feeling Fresh

    Fall brings back many seasonal milestones like fall TV, festive celebrations, and a plethora of comfort meals to enjoy. Best of all, numerous superfoods are back in season to help step up your nutrition game. Include these six super fruits and vegetables into your fall diet for a way to feel refined and refreshed. 1. […]

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    What Are Sulfites and Why Do They Cause So Many Side Effects?

    Sulfites have been used since ancient Roman times to preserve the taste, quality, and display of food. Today they are used in a lot of foods and medicines to prolong shelf life. The sulfites release ‘sulfur dioxide’ which is the main component in preserving the food or medication. Drinking these sulfites can lead to some […]