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    Study Suggests Red Wine and Chocolate Can Make You Look Younger

    I think we can all start sending our thank you gift baskets to the University of Exeter now. In a study that was published last week they announced something extremely exciting. Researchers at the Universities of Exeter and Brighton have discovered, “A new way to rejuvenate old cells in the laboratory, making them not only […]

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    This Walking Dead Wine is Perfect For Sunday Night Watch Parties

    If you are a Walking Dead fan then you know that Sunday nights are for two things. Hoping your favorite character doesn’t get killed – and The Walking Dead watch parties. I’ve learned not to get attached to any favorite characters – because it’s not good for my mental health…but I might get attached to […]

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    Organic Sulfite-Free Wine Doesn’t Actually Exist

    Organic sulfite free wine

    When you want to make health-conscious decisions, a safe place to start is with what you ingest on a daily basis. It doesn’t take a nutritionist to come to the conclusion that what you put in your body fuels your body. An easy place to start is to eliminate processed foods & preservatives from your […]

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    What are Sulfite Allergy Symptoms?

    Sulfite sensitivity symptoms

    Does drinking wine give you migraines, digestive issues, or flushed skin? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of sulfite allergy or sensitivity. According to the Food and Drug Administration, 1 in 100 people suffer from a sulfite sensitivity or allergy. Many people live with a sulfite sensitivity without even knowing it, especially people with […]

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    Does Your Wine Glass Matter?

    I remember the first time I sat down for a well-organized plated dinner. To my left, I had three forks and to my right was a couple of knives and a spoon. Right above my plate was an array of glasses. I asked, “Why so many? I’m only having one glass.” You could not imagine […]

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    Are You Showing Wine Allergy Symptoms?

    red wine allergy

    One of the huge reasons we created StiQit was to aid the millions of Americans that are overheard politely declining a glass of wine at dinner while they say, “no thank you, I have a red wine allergy.” But what are you really saying when you claim to have an allergic reaction to this wonderful […]

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    The Mancan Proves That Great Wine Does Come Out of a Can

    Have you ever wanted an easier way to drink wine? Sometimes the idea of taking a whole bottle with you can be such a hassle. Not to mention making sure you have a bottle opener and the right kind of stemware for it! Sure boxed wine helps alleviate some of these problems, but what if […]

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    These Celebrity Cookbooks Are Guaranteed to Spice Up Your Kitchen

    Sometimes cooking can be difficult. It could be because a busy schedule, a lack of experience, or just a general funk, but escaping the cooking rut can be somewhat of a challenge. When you are in need of refreshing your cooking game, look no further than these celebrity cookbooks to add some Hollywood flair to […]

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    The Midwest Wine Industry is Flourishing in Missouri

    The Missouri River Valley has been a breeding grounds for great wine since the 1800’s. German immigrants quickly noticed the opportunity to grow healthy vines. It’s long summers, high sun exposure and soil from the Ozarks are the cornerstones that great wineries all across Missouri have built their foundation on. Their unique, midwestern climate makes […]