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Are You Showing Wine Allergy Symptoms?

red wine allergy

One of the huge reasons we created StiQit was to aid the millions of Americans that are overheard politely declining a glass of wine at dinner while they say, “no thank you, I have a red wine allergy.”

But what are you really saying when you claim to have an allergic reaction to this wonderful elixir? What is happening when you drink a glass of wine and are left with these supposed symptoms of wine allergy? What is causing the facial redness, digestive system problems, wine headaches or that nasty wine skin rash? Could it be a specific grape used in the winemaking process? Maybe it’s the barrel it was soaked in? Maybe you have a wine intolerance?

The answer could be the sulfites in wine. Has this pesky ‘S’ word kept you from politely saying “no” to Malbecs, Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs all these years? Have you always ignored the ‘Contains Sulfites’ warning on the bottom half of your bottle of wine? That often overlooked blurb may be the catalyst to your problems, and we are here to help. Here’s what we know:

  • 99% of wines have sulfites in them. Whether it is the sulfites that occur naturally in the wine-making process or the added sulfites that are included after the fact to help ensure a longer and more stable shelf-life, these could be the culprit of your adverse side effects, like a wine headache.
  • Sulfites can lead to a handful of unwanted side effects
  • According to the FDA – 1 in 100 people suffer from some level of sulfite sensitivity. If you have asthma, your luck is even worse. 3-10% of asthmatics have a sulfite sensitivity.
  • Red Wines carry the least amount of sulfites compared to white wines and other sweet wines. This occurs so the added sugars do not add an extra level of fermentation once it is bottled.

Without an official diagnosis, it is nearly impossible to discover what the proper next steps are. But if you are indeed one of the many that suffer from sulfite sensitivities, then why not try StiQit? StiQit neutralizes the sulfites from 6-8 oz of all your favorite wines. Whether you are sipping a bold zinfandel by the fireplace or celebrating something with some bubbles and a group of friends, make sure to take StiQit with you.


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