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  • Fight Free Radicals caused by sulfites

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    How to Fight Free Radicals Caused by Sulfites

    Free Radicals The data supporting the dangers that free radicals pose to our health and longevity is overwhelming. As we have gained a greater understanding of these vulnerabilities, so too has our knowledge increased on how to protect from these treacherous particles sometimes caused by sulfites in our wine.  Free radicals destroy cells by causing […]

  • Removing Sulfite Causing Free Radicals

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    How Can Free Radicals from Sulfites Make You Age Faster?

    Free Radical Theory of Aging The Free Radical Theory of Aging (FRTA) is based on the principle of free radicals breaking down molecules necessary for vital functions over time. Free radicals, which are atoms or molecules with imbalanced outer shells, have multiple avenues through which they can do damage.  Alcohol, UV rays, cigarette smoke, and […]

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    Is Wine Actually Good for You?

    We pull it out for celebrations, and use it to relax after a long day of work. We use it to mark the end of the year, and as a way to make every meal special. Yes, we are of course talking about wine. Over the years, the healthful claims of wine have been broad, […]

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    4 Symptoms that Indicate You Have a Wine Sulfite Allergy

    Wine should improve any evening. But, sulfites cause many people to have an unfortunate time drinking wine. This usually means a wine sulfite allergy. Healthy New Age wrote an article that went in-depth on symptoms that may be the result of a wine allergy. Use a StiQit to make sure any allergy doesn’t prevent you […]

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    5 Ways to Know You’re Allergic to Wine

    Wine is about enjoyment. If you’re not fully enjoying your glass, but instead are experiencing some adverse side-effects, you may be allergic to sulfite. Many people go years ignoring simple signs indicating they should be drinking sulfite-free wine. Lifestyle magazine 2Luxury2 recently published a piece showing you 5 Signs You’re Allergic to Wine. Use a StiQit to […]

  • wine allergies

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    How to Cater to Guests with Wine Allergies at a Wedding

    Everyone should be able to sit back and simply enjoy being at a wedding. But for people with wine allergies, part of the night inevitably turns into work. They have to check to make sure the food and drinks are suitable for them. Guests with allergies don’t have to suffer! This article from Duallove gives some […]

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    What are Wine Sulfites?

    All wine contains sulfites. They occur naturally as a by-product from the fermentation process and are sometimes added as a preservative. But what exactly makes wine sulfites harmful? This article from food52 gives you all the information you need about sulfites in wine. Knowledge about sulfites doesn’t make them any less harmful! Make sure to […]

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    Revitalize your Life and Enjoy Some Wine with Vineyard Yoga

    There are few things more relaxing than the pop of a fresh cork and a nice glass of wine. Some wineries have taken that sentiment and responded: Challenge Accepted. These bastions of healthy imbibement are taking your drinking and relaxation experience to the next level with yoga in the vineyards. Come and enjoy the unique […]