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  • Fight Free Radicals caused by sulfites

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    How to Fight Free Radicals Caused by Sulfites

    Free Radicals The data supporting the dangers that free radicals pose to our health and longevity is overwhelming. As we have gained a greater understanding of these vulnerabilities, so too has our knowledge increased on how to protect from these treacherous particles sometimes caused by sulfites in our wine.  Free radicals destroy cells by causing […]

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    Millennials Find Their Favorite Drink From Wine Podcasts

    For decades, wine producers have used traditional methods like newspaper and radio to advertise their wine. Since wine fans are often around 45 or older, those forms of advertising proved to be beneficial. But recently, winemakers have been looking for ways to reach the younger crowd. There is one medium in particular that has attracted […]

  • Removing Sulfite Causing Free Radicals

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    How Can Free Radicals from Sulfites Make You Age Faster?

    Free Radical Theory of Aging The Free Radical Theory of Aging (FRTA) is based on the principle of free radicals breaking down molecules necessary for vital functions over time. Free radicals, which are atoms or molecules with imbalanced outer shells, have multiple avenues through which they can do damage.  Alcohol, UV rays, cigarette smoke, and […]

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    Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Irish Wine

    This St. Patrick’s Day, don’t think you are destined to drink green beer and shots of Jameson. Ireland, with its northern latitude, steep bluffs, and year-round rainfall may not be the best region in the world for growing grapes, but the island has developed a wide range of fruit wines that go great with any […]

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    10 Of Our Favorite Bottles Under 20 Dollars

    Shopping for the perfect bottle of wine doesn’t have to break the bank. There are wineries from countless regions across the globe producing exceptional wines at affordable prices. Enjoy these 10 bottles that will blow your mind without blowing out your wallet. 2016 Quinta da Aveleda Loureiro-Alvarinho, Vinho Verde, Portugal $8.99 Vinho Verde is known […]

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    4 Symptoms that Indicate You Have a Wine Sulfite Allergy

    Wine should improve any evening. But, sulfites cause many people to have an unfortunate time drinking wine. This usually means a wine sulfite allergy. Healthy New Age wrote an article that went in-depth on symptoms that may be the result of a wine allergy. Use a StiQit to make sure any allergy doesn’t prevent you […]

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    A Closer Look at the Wines and Wine Regions of Northern Portugal

    Portugal is surrounded by over 1,100 miles of coastline to the south and west, while the Spanish border covers the entire eastern and northern edges of the country. This unique combination of factors has resulted in a nation of varied terrain, rich maritime history, and over 200 indigenous varieties with which wine is made today. […]