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Cooking With Wine : Our Favorite Dishes

When you think of the word, ‘wine’ you automatically think of pouring it in a glass (Sometimes big) – well you’re not wrong. But I absolutely love cooking with wine. It opens up a brand new profile of flavors that would otherwise be unreachable without it.

The best part about using wine for cooking is that you don’t need to be too picky. You know those bottles of white wine that were opened but only half-drank and they are on day three of sitting on your kitchen counter? That’s what these recipes are perfect for.  So feel free to use whatever wines you have sitting around – no need to bust out the vintages for these recipes!

We picked out some of our favorite dishes that we absolutely love to make in the kitchen. Remember – don’t use all of your wine in the cooking. Make sure to leave some for the dinner table. ?

Coq au Vin

This classic french dish which loosely translates to ‘Chicken in Wine’ takes a while to cook and even longer for the flavors to truly marry with each other – but if you nail it it will quickly become a family favorite. You’ll have to successfully braise chicken with wine, lardons mushrooms, garlic, carrots and a few other optional veggies. Don’t be scared to have leftovers – the flavors will marinade together perfectly overnight for an even more complete flavor! Don’t forget to use a bold red wine for this one.

Garlic Shrimp Linguine

A big bowl of this pasta is elegant yet simple at the same time. It has a great balance of flavors and can be served at a fine dining table or taken out of the fridge to eat as a late night snack at a whim. The shrimp can be replaced with a whole bunch of extra veggies for a vegetarian option.


Chicken Marsala

You will need a bit of a specialized marsala wine for this recipe – but if you nail the cook on the sauce and the chicken they will combine into something beautiful. Quality mushrooms will turn this from a regular dish to a star dish. Serve it over a big bed of pasta to get the most out of your gorgeous sauce. If you are taking all this effort to make the sauce go ahead and make an extra portion or two freezes it for a quick dinner next week!


Mussels in White Wine Sauce

Make sure you give your mussels a good scrubbing before you cook them. Nothing like getting a bit of sand in a bite to ruin a dish for you. Make sure you have a big chunk of baguette to serve with this dish. You won’t want to leave the sauce sitting in the bottom of whatever bowl you are eating these. Save a big glass of fruit forward wine to enjoy with this one.
Always remember the cardinal rules for cooking mussels :
 – If they’re open before cooking – throw them away
– If they don’t open after cooking – throw them away

Apricot Sparkling Sorbet Floats

I had to do a double take when finding this recipe – and after extensive research on hot summer days, I have to give it two bubbly thumbs up. Use whatever sparkling wine you have sitting in your fridge for this one. Keep this recipe in your back pocket for mid-may when fresh apricots are in season. Frozen or canned can be substituted but you will be happy you waited for the fresh ones. Cover your dish with saran wrap before putting it in the freezer to avoid any nasty freezer burn.
My stomach started growling about halfway through this list – so I am going to run to the store to get a big box of pasta to knock out this garlic linguine recipe. Which one do you think will be your favorite?

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