Don’t Sleep On These Idaho Wineries

When people think of great wine regions in America – your mind might run to more popular regions like Napa Valley or the Sonoma County in California. But did you know that some of the tastiest wines are coming from Idaho?

Its unique climate along with soil that is made of primarily volcanic materials combine together for some of the nation’s most unique wine flavors. Plus let’s not forget about getting some of the country’s best views at some of these wineries. You’ll be surrounded by mountains and nature’s beauty no matter which way you turn.

Doesn’t really get much better than that, right?



Wine Press Northwest named this as Idaho’s ‘Winery Of The Year’ in 2015 and it’s no mystery why. The husband and wife duo of Karl and Coco Umiker are a powerhouse to wine-making. Winemaker, Coco, holds a doctorate degree in wine microbiology, while husband Karl manages the vineyards studied the intricacies of soil science. Their laid-back tasting room is located right on the family’s estate vineyard. It holds all the intricacies of some big name vineyards along with a relaxed attitude for a wine that only the Umiker’s can bring.


Ron and Mary Bitner want to create much more than just delicious, award-winning wines. They want to be in the forefreont of, “sustainable and socially conscious practices.” Having a glass of wine at Bitner Vineyards will quickly feel like having a glass of wine with family. For a mere $5 you get to sample five different Bitner wines.  Ron and Mary are known for being present, and if you’re lucky maybe you’ll get a history lesson of the land straight from Ron.


After a tour of the Crossings Winery land, and everything it has to offer you’ll absolutely have to agree with Wine Press Northwest and their decision to name Crossings Winery their 2017 Idaho Winery of The Year. It features a 9-hole golf course, and a dinner menu full of classics that come with pairings written right on the menu. Want to make a weekend of it? Reserve one of the rustic cabins right on the land.  The Snake River Valley leads to some amazing flavors and varietals. You are bound to find something to fall in love with here.


The architecture will take your breath away as you learn that it was inspired by the world famous Ste Chapelle Gothic Chapel in France. It is the largest winery in France – and continues to look for more room to grow. Their huge roster of wines ensures that everyone will fiind something they love. Their,  “Chateau Series offers a vast variety of approachable wines, perfect for everyday drinking and an introductory into what Idaho wines can be.” So even inexperienced wine drinkers can drink with ease.


This artisan winery crafts vintages to perfection. Each grape-growing site is carefully monitored and cared for to specific notes depending on the varietal. Their red grapes are carefully picked by hand and inspected before going to the harvest bin. The whites are quickly harvested at night by machine to ensure that they arrive at the proper cold temperature. Each bottle of wine is a work of art for Huston Vineyards. You know you’re getting something made with love after each sip.



Taking a trip to visit some of these wineries? Grab a handful of StiQit and throw them in your suitcase. You never know when you’re going to need one!

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