Three Rising-Star Wine Brands

Everyone has their preferred classic wine. The brands that have survived the test of time and upon mention almost everyone in the room has a delicious memory of it. But every wine had to start somewhere, right? Trying new wines is one of the most exciting things of adventuring through wine. The past few years have brought new wines to the table, while some fell to the competition. Beverage Dynamic’s ‘Wine Rising Stars’ list kept track of all the fastest growing wine brands of the last few years – so naturally, we picked some of our favorite ones for you to try.

E & J Gallo Winery
This boxed wine boasts that it’s so good you should ‘lock it up.’ This California wine comes in at $20-30 for a 3-liter box and comes in all your favorite varietals. Their Cabernet has the perfect medium bodied experience for your tasting pleasure with notes of cherry, raspberry and dark chocolate. It’s a brave red to show everyone that great wine doesn’t need to come out of a bottle. It’s available on Amazon.
Treasury Wine Estates
19 Crimes will stick out on any wine shelf. Each story tells a bottle of British citizens convicted of at least 1 of the ‘19 crimes’ that sentenced now criminals to be shipped off to Australia. This Australian wine comes in a few blends – and a bold Cabernet Sauvignon. Their blends knock it out of the park and are well balanced. It’s dry without being bitter and combines blackberry notes seamlessly throughout each sip. 19 Crimes have been growing each year since 2013 for good reason. Discover it on Amazon today. Maybe you’ll find your new favorite red.
Beso Del Sol
This boxed sangria will be an absolute hit at all your Summer parties. These 3-liter boxes are made with 100% natural ingredients and come in white, pink or red. Each sip might taste like the perfect ‘kiss from the sun.’ Say goodbye to cutting up fruit all day for your Summer sangria party – just a simple pour from the box and you’ll be enjoying the sweet fruity sensation that almost seems necessary after a day in the sun. The red sangria is earthy but is pulled up by its citrus and pear notes. Be the hero of the day and pack this box for your next pool party. Use the store locator to find exactly where to get your next kiss from the sun.

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