Get The Most out of Your Wine with These Gadgets

Removing Sulfite Causing Free Radicals
Wine is fun – but it’s also tricky. It’s sometimes hard to get the most out of your wine with just a bottle and a corkscrew. If not stored properly after opening it can turn almost overnight. Your $1.00 corkscrew can ruin the integrity of the cork. Pouring it straight out of the bottle ensures you don’t get all the intended flavors and aromatics from whatever gorgeous bottle you are enjoying. Here’s some good wine gadgets to ensure you are getting every last drop of quality from every bottle you buy. Happy Drinking!


We’ve all been there. Mangled the foil on a gorgeous bottle of wine – making it impossible to display when you are done with it. Or heard the horrible sound of a cork cracking in half when using a normal corkscrew. It’s even worse when the *splash* follows with it and you look in your bottle and see half a cork smiling back at you. This Deik electric wine opener set ensures that will never happen again. It comes with a nifty charging base that will display your wine opener in any elegant kitchen, a charger, a foil cutter and then the actual wine opener itself. Have your wine open flawlessly in seconds with this piece. It can open up to 40 bottles of wine on one charge. Your guests will be fighting over their turn to use it.

Vacu Vin Wine Savers

These are essential for any wine drinker that don’t want to finish the bottle every time one is opened. Vacuum sealing your wine slows down the oxidation process and ensures that you get the most life out of each bottle. Buy one today and find out why restaurants and bars all across the world use these in their establishments after pouring a glass of wine.


Do you want to get the most flavor out of your beautiful bottle of wine? This tested aerator and decanter will do just that.  Pour any standard bottle of wine (750 ML) and let it aerate for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending how much time you have. You will immediately taste the difference. It’s easy to pour – so don’t worry about spilling too much. Just pour into the decanter, let rest, and enjoy. Careful – it might ruin you. You will never want to go back to unaerated wine ever again.


Do you have a collection of expensive wines that you want to savor one glass at a time? How about wanting to taste one before opening the whole bottle? Well the Coravin Wine System might be exactly what you are looking for. This futuristic gadget lets you extract wine from your bottle without removing the cork or beginning the oxidation process. No, seriously. This product penetrated the cork quickly, allows you to pour as little (or as much) wine as you please and then seals the rest of the wine with argon gas.Wine enthusiasts swear by it. Keep your wine in pristine condition while still drinking it by adopting the Coravin into your life.


Does drinking a glass of wine leave you with a headache, rosey cheeks, or hives? It could possibly be to the sulfites in your wine. This preservative occurs naturally in some wines, and is added artificially to all wines sold in the US to preserve their nature longer. With a simple stir of the StiQit – your wine will be returned to its natural state. Leaving it sulfite free and safe for anyone to drink. Get back to loving wine like you used to today.

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