Organic Sulfite-Free Wine Doesn’t Actually Exist

Organic sulfite free wine

When you want to make health-conscious decisions, a safe place to start is with what you ingest on a daily basis. It doesn’t take a nutritionist to come to the conclusion that what you put in your body fuels your body. An easy place to start is to eliminate processed foods & preservatives from your diet. This has led many wine drinkers to look for organic, sulfite-free wine.

In our hunt for a more natural lifestyle, we turned to Organic and Non-GMO project verified wines in order to find a ‘healthier’ glass of wine void of additives. They want to try and sell you a bottle with no sulfur dioxide AKA sulfites.

Many people ask us things like “Does organic wine have sulfites?” or “Do sulfites happen with organic grapes?” Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Naturally-occurring sulfites still occur during the fermentation process, so when your bottle of wine says “No added sulfites,” it refers to the sulfites that were added artificially during the winemaking process, even if it is 100% organically grown or certified organic.

But, that doesn’t mean organic sulfite-free wine is impossible to obtain.

A few stirs of a StiQit in any of these organic wines will neutralize the rest of the sulfites in your glass of wine. It will effectively turn the amount of sulfites in your glass to zero. Your favorite pinot noirs, cabernet sauvignons, and chardonnays can all be sulfite free wine with one simple stir.

Below we highlighted some of our favorite Non-GMO Project Verified and organic wines. Remember to always keep StiQit with you to safely neutralize the remaining sulfites in these fantastic wines from all over the world.

Tarantas Tempranillo Crianza (2013)

Organic sulfite free Red Wine

This bold Tempranillo is made with, “The body and soul from the heart of Spain,” and each sip is proof of that. The deep ruby wine will mesmerize you as you pour it from the bottle – but trust me when I say that it is as good as it looks. It has a medium body with a gorgeous aromatic blend of spices. This gorgeous red wine will pair perfectly with a beautifully grilled pork chop

Les Hauts de Lagarde Blanc-Sec (2016 or 2015)

This Bordeaux-style white blend is the traditional Blanc-Sec blend made up of 60% Sauvignon Blac and 40% Semillon. This bottle of wine is ready to drink now and has a flurry of fruit notes distinguishable on every sip. It is crisp and a bit high on the acidic side. Perfect for the white wine lovers in your life.  A fantastic wine to accompany a gorgeous piece of fish on your dinner table.

Pizzolato Fields Prosecco Brut (2016)

Organic sulfite free white wine

This delicate bottle of bubbles is made using nothing but indigenous yeasts and USDA certified organic grapes. The Pizzolato family vineyard has worked in harmony with the environment – nestled snugly just north of Treviso in Italy, they treat each grape with the respect that only a winemaker can muster. This Prosecco has great earthy undertones while maintaining its sweetness.

Vertvs Spanish Bobal Rose

This balanced Rose has the fruity, sweet notes that people expect when they open a bottle of this color – but has a significant dryness to it that makes it accessible to all sorts of wine drinkers. It’s the epitome of a balanced Rose with strong berry notes that control the flavors. Serve this one chilled with a cheese or seafood appetizer to get the most out of it.

Frey Vineyards

Frey Vineyard’s have been under organic management since the 1960s when their first vineyards were planted, a tradition they keep up with today. Their organic grape growing procedure is a thing of beauty and uses natural remedies instead of toxic herbicides and chemical fungicides to produce their line of biodynamic wines. This bio-dynamic winery is known for their Sangiovese but you cannot go wrong with any of their all-natural blends. Production has halted due to the wildfires in the area – but we hope to see them back in our wine cabinet sooner rather than later!

organic and biodynamic wines

With one stir of the StiQit you can instantly neutralize any remaining sulfites that are in your wine – natural or added. They can fit in a pocket or a purse and within seconds of opening the package, you can be enjoying completely sulfite-free wine.

Say goodbye to sulfites and wine headaches forever.

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