Pairing Your Favorite Bachelor In Paradise Cast Members With Wine

If you’re not familiar with The Bachelor In Paradise– it is a spin-off from the uber popular reality series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The concept is easy – they take the most explosive personalities from seasons past and stick them on a tropical island and hope for relationships and drama. Think of it like an all-star game for any sports league – but everyone is extremely attractive, single and ready to mingle.
In the name of science, I turned on Bachelor In Paradise for the first time. I may not know Paradise – but I do know great wine varietals. This comprehensive guide pairs some of the show’s wild personalities with some of StiQit’s favorite wine varietals. We made it easy to pick out what to drink next week when Bachelor In Paradise rolls on!


Kristina is a sweetheart. Almost too sweet for this environment. She seems trusting, hopeful and ready for love. Not exactly the best combination to have in a cut-throat environment like this. But alas, she’s there. In just a few short episodes,  we’ve seen her cry. Eiswein (Or Ice Wine) has a unique growing process. The grapes freeze on the vine before being harvested – creating a much more concentrated, sweeter wine.

Ben Z.

The first thing you’ll notice when you see Ben Z. is his strong, stoic, bold stature. He’s a big dude and he knows it. But then when he talks, it takes a bit of a change. He talks about his dog… a lot. It’s fun, but sometimes too much. I would choose a Zinfandel if you’re rooting for Ben Z. It’s a bold wine, but can be extremely fruit forward as well. And when it gets to be too much Ben Z – you can turn it into a White Zinfandel for a sweet blush wine.

Jack Stone

Jack Stone made his Paradise debut by assuring everyone he’s not a serial killer. It really sets the tone for him as a person. But once you get past his ‘quirks’ he seems like a pretty genuine dude. I don’t think he’s actually out to kill anyone. He’s actually refreshing and a breath of fresh air from the rest of the guys… I think. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Something refreshing, not too heavy on the palate. How about an Albarino? This Spanish white wine will be a bit different than most white wines you’ve had – just like JACK STONE. (Not a serial killer).


Champagne is unique, because the ‘Champagne’ name can come in a handful of different flavors. They can be citrusy, or have heavier more ‘burnt’ flavors – but one thing is certain. Everyone knows what Champagne is and everyone wants it. Raven has quickly become a hot commodity on Paradise. Not exactly sure why, but hey, I don’t like Champagne either so I guess that makes sense.


Wells is the bartender on Paradise. He’s also a former contestant on The Bachelorette. After just watching a few short episodes it’s clear he might be the most consistent, most stable person on the island. Which of course would make him horrible as an actual contestant. He always seems to be handing out wisdom or advice to distraught cast members as an unbiased outside opinion. He’s dependable, and you know what you’re going to get when they show him on screen. Maybe that’s what the show needed – at least a little bit of consistency. Wells is a Merlot. Kind of in the middle when it comes to overall ‘weight’ of the wine. It’s often used as a blend with Cabernets to help ‘smoothen’ the wine. Get the analogy? Wells – smooth. Cast – Not so smooth.


Pinot Noir
Amanda seemed a bit more reserved than other cast members. Maybe I’m incorrect, and it’s just a conclusion that comes from a small sample space of research. She seems like someone that is worth trying to cultivate a relationship with. Much like the Pinot Noir grape, a relationship with Amanda may be hard to grow, but if done correctly will be smoother, and even richer than some of its burgundy counterparts. A great Pinot Noir can meet almost any wine in the middle of the ring and battle for superiority.

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