Soak Up The Sun With These Delicious Summer Wines

Everyone has their own definition for summer – whether it’s grilling on the patio or family baseball games – we made sure to pick out some of our favorite wines to drink this Summer no matter the occasion. Remember – these aren’t rules or guidelines just some of our favorite ideas for those warm Summer days. What’s your favorite summer wine?



This classic Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for Summer afternoons. It’s strong citrus and tropical fruit notes are the perfect companions for warm July nights as lightning bugs light up your night. Your guests will instantly recognize the name and be excited for this one. Have it ready any time you’re grilling fish to accentuate the flavors of both.



Willamette Valley

This gorgeous unoaked Chardonnay is crisp, fruity and to the point. Pear, lemon and lime lead the way for this Chardonnay. The cool moist air from the Willamette Valley gives this chardonnay an unbelievably unique complexion.This one begs to be served with a big summer salad loaded with cheeses.


Provence, France

If you can’t have rose in the Summer- then when can you have rosé, right? This french rosé won’t overpower your tongue with sweetness. It’s dry palate is perfect for fruit forward dishes at a picnic. Its strawberry and red currant aromatics jump out at you before finishing off with floral characteristics. Tip : turn any rosé into the perfect frosé with this nifty recipe.



Tuscany, Italy

This Chianti balances the boldness of a deep red with the lightheartedness of a Summer day. It’s bold enough to enjoy with a steak off the grill but balanced enough to sip on the porch in the sun. Don’t let its color scare you away – its rose, violet and berry aromas will dance out of the bottle before being poured for your drinking pleasure.



For many of us – Summer is a time of gatherings with friends and family. We fill out days with sunshine, cooking outside, road trips and bonfires. Wherever you go – take StiQit with you to enjoy all of your wines sulfite free. With one stir per glass or multiple for the whole bottle – don’t let your sulfite sensitivity be a hindrance on your Summer.


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