Stay Warm this Winter with These Spiced Wine Recipes

There is nothing like a nice, warm drink after a long day of braving the Winter conditions.  Whether it is skiing, snowboarding, a good snowball fight, or some snow shovelingt he right beverage can reinvigorate the most frigid of fingers and toes. While there are many great options, from the quintessential hot chocolate to a classic hot toddy, nothing quite warms the belly like a fresh mug of mulled wine. Give these recipes a try at home the next time you need to warm up from your winter ice-capades.

P.S. Going outside before drinking mulled wine is not a necessity. We won’t judge if you want to avoid the cold part altogether.



Direct from the hills of bavaria we have a wonderful Glühwein. This recipe is for the true mulled wine aficionado. Traditionally, Glühwein would have been served at Christkindlmärkte (Christmas Markets). This recipe is a great way to warm up after a day of chilly holiday shopping. The citrus from the orange and lemon is in beautiful balance with the sweetness. Make sure not to let the mixture boil once the red wine has been added, or it will be back to the zeichenbrett. Photo Courtesy of Chow Hound

Spicy Mulled Wine


For the true spice lover we have Taste of Home’s mulled wine. With nutmeg, aniseed, allspice, white clove, peppercorns and cinnamon, this recipe will surely fill your kitchen with some wonderful aromas. The citrus is classic lemon and orange peel – it comes off comparatively subdued compared to the spice.  Slip some in the thermos and stay warm on the slopes all day long! (If anyone asks, it’s coffee.)

Apple Spice Mulled Wine



This recipe works on many different levels. One of the great benefits is the slow cooker preparation. Simply take five to ten minutes to get all of your ingredients loaded up and forget about it. Perfect for when cooking for larger groups and you don’t need to pile one more thing on a long to-do list. The classic combination of apple and cinnamon brings real warmth to this wonderful mulled wine. Pull out the cinnamon cookies for the perfect pairing. Find the recipe here. Photo courtesy of Delightful E Made

Mulled Wine Tea


A great option to keep in the back pocket for those that may not be alcohol drinkers. This recipe is also a delicious way to start the day. The bay leaf makes all the difference, blending with the added spices and those found in the tea naturally. Cinnamon, clove, and orange balance the flavor giving the classic mulled spice feel. This spiced tea goes great with breakfast baked goods like fresh croissants (Pillsbury prepackaged dough is acceptable) or orange and chocolate chip muffins.

Holiday Mulled Wine


For those who enjoy their warm, spicy beverages with a little more of a fruity punch, we have a wonderful holiday mulled wine recipe. The addition of cranberry juice, fresh cranberry and apple cider vinegar does a lot to round out the kick from the clove and allspice.  The perfect union of sweet and spicy all in one warm little container. The intensity of the fruit pairs beautifully with firm cheese and add can actually match quite nicely with something a little more bold, like pork chops. Photo courtesy of By Emma With Love

Spiced White Wine


Another great slow cooker recipe, but with a bit of a twist.  This mulled wine uses a white wine, rather than a red, allowing for a lot of the additional flavors to shine through with more intensity. The rosemary, a real kicker with this recipe, gives a great herbaceous, earthy note while the orange keeps it citrusy and approachable. Try it with flaky white fish for some added spice to your traditional white wine pairings. Photo courtesy of Well Plated


Quentão de Vinho (Brazilian Mulled Wine)


A wonderful expression of this traditional winter warmer with the added twist of ginger. Every year, Brazilians celebrate Festas Juninas or June Festival. This great celebração commemorates the end of the corn harvest.  Food and family emerge, as does the traditional Quentão de Vinho.  The ginger adds even more warmth to the mouthfeel and goes wonderfully with the spices.

Apple and Blackberry Mulled Cider


For those who want a slightly different option that is just as delicious, this apple and blackberry cider is a real holiday winner. Preparation is incredibly simple, just simmer and strain. European cider is generally recommended, though an American craft option will work as well. The little bit of fizz adds to the mouthfeel and drier ciders tend to do better with the recipe. Photo courtesy of Amuse your Bouche



Staying warm this winter will be a breeze with these simple recipes. Whether it is a day out in the snow or in, cooking for family, enjoy your holidays with a little added warmth and cheer this year.

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