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How Can Free Radicals from Sulfites Make You Age Faster?

Removing Sulfite Causing Free Radicals

Free Radical Theory of Aging

The Free Radical Theory of Aging (FRTA) is based on the principle of free radicals breaking down molecules necessary for vital functions over time. Free radicals, which are atoms or molecules with imbalanced outer shells, have multiple avenues through which they can do damage.  Alcohol, UV rays, cigarette smoke, and air pollutants are all common ways in which these particles are able to enter the body.

Antioxidants can help prevent the damage caused by free radicals, but over time the cells in your body will start to degrade. This process is accelerated as free radicals interact with molecules which are necessary for a healthy body. Due to their imbalanced outer shell, free radicals will often steal electrons from well-functioning molecules. This can create a chain reaction where the particles which make up your cells break down through an electron imbalance by stealing electrons from their neighbor.

How do Free Radicals Relate to Aging?

Your entire body is made up of tens of trillions of cells which perform all of the tasks necessary for life. Cells allow you to breathe, think, sleep, talk, move, and do everything else that makes you living being. Each of these tiny organisms is made up of millions of molecules which (hopefully) have balanced electrons and are functioning in symbiosis with the particles around them.

Unfortunately, over time your body both produces and ingests free radicals. This results in a breakdown of cells on a molecular level. The greatest danger posed by free radicals is their ability to create chain reactions with their electron imbalance. As a free radical moves through your body, whether ingested through food or drink or breathed through the air, it will force molecules into an electron imbalance, disrupting normal function.

As time progresses, free radical assault forces your cells to degrade which is the primary cause of aging. Due to the lopsided nature of electron exchange, molecules break down which damages your cells. This is the reason why people who smoke or spend a lot of time in the sun often develop wrinkles and skin spots earlier than those who don’t.

With so many dangers associated with free radicals, there are good reasons to do everything that you can to avoid them. Sulfites in wine are a common source of these ruinous particles and are easy to avoid with StiQit. One quick swirl is all that it takes for delicious, sulfite-free wine.

Removing Sulfite Causing Free Radicals

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