These Wine Gift Ideas Will Make Holiday Shopping a Breeze

As December descends and winter’s grip begins to truly take hold, we are presented with the often stressful task of finding those perfect gifts for friends and family.  Thinking up thoughtful gift ideas (that don’t leave you in tears every time you check your wallet) can often be a task fraught with peril and frustration.  For those of us with a true oenophile as an in-law or sibling, that pursuit can be difficult indeed.  This year, give them a present that they will use and cherish.  This easy guide lays out nine great gift ideas that won’t break the bank.


Magic Rope Wine Bottle Holder by Modernhome



Finding the perfect bottle display can be difficult, but Modernhome has designed a great holder at an affordable price.  The freestanding design works as a delightful conversation piece. The fact that your friend gets to fill it with their favorite bottle adds a special, personal touch to the gift as well.  Available here.





Blind Wine Tasting Kit by Franmara



Franmara’s blind tasting kit works great as a gift because it is so versatile.  It is wonderful for friends who are a bit more social, as blind tasting is always an entertaining party game.  The kit is also great for your friends who work in the wine industry and may be pursuing a certification;  tasting wines blind is key to both the WSET and sommelier programs, making this blind tasting kit perfect for those hardcore aficionado friends. Available here.


Give the gift of sulfite-free wine this holiday season.With one stir of this sulfite removal device you can instantly say goodbye to side effects like stomach aches, flushed faces and headaches. They’re small and come in single-use packages so a pack of them can be the perfect stocking stuffer for all your wine-loving friends. Available here.


Wine Lover’s Daily Calendar 2018 by Rock Point


A perfect gift for every oenophile, this daily calendar gives a fun bit of trivia about wine for every day of the year.  As we all know, people who are into wine can’t get enough of sharing tidbits they learn about vintages or grapes, which is what is so inspired about this calendar.  Topics vary as the year goes on, including different wine grapes, wine production, food pairings, and the mythology behind our favorite beverage.  Available here.


Sparkling Wine Cooling Jacket by Vacu Vin


The perfect gift for that bubbly friend, Vacu Vin’s cooling wine jacket will certainly please every sparkling wine fanatic out there.  The jacket, once chilled, can keep a bottle cold for hours.  As the person you buy this for is certain to tell you, the temperature at which sparkling wine is served can drastically change its flavor and mouthfeel.  Ensure your friends are bringing in the new year the right way with Vacu Vin’s Ice Champagne Cooling Jacket.  Available here.





Wine Fridge by Koldfront


One of the classic gifts for any wine connoisseur, the Koldfront 18 Bottle Wine Cooler combines elegance, utility, capacity, and value to be an all around exceptional present.  Two separate temperature control zones allow for optimal storage of red and white wines.  Space for a total of 18 bottles with a $189.00 price tag really seals the deal, making the Dual Zone Wine Cooler by Koldfront a great holiday pick. Available here.




Ultimate Sports Chair by Domestify



Unfold your drinking command center with Domestify’s Ultimate Sports Chair.  Perfect for anyone who likes camping, sports, grilling, going to the beach, or just about any other outdoor activity.  The Ultimate Sports Chair comes in a number of colors and designs and has an insulated beverage pouch, perfectly sized for a bottle of Dry Creek Zin.  The built in side table allows for easy access to your favorite beverage while you enjoy the the beauty of the outdoors.  Available here.



Marble Cheese Slicer by          RSVP INTL


If you like wine, odds are you are pretty fond of cheese as well, which makes the RSVP Cheese Slicer the perfect gift for your vino loving family.  This mighty, little board is perfect for all of your cheese needs. The stainless steel wire cutter makes cutting consistent slices easy every time.  This handy little slicer is dishwasher safe, so you aren’t adding to the load when there is glassware that has to be hand washed.  Available here.




Perfect Pairings by Evan Goldstein



A great gift for that family member who already has every wine toy.  Perfect Pairings works as a gift because the selection of recipes is well rounded and thoughtful, while giving detail into why specific wines will work with certain dishes.  The pairings, beautifully crafted by Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein, will certainly impress all of the cork dorks in your life. Available here.






The hunt for the perfect present can often be arduous.  These gifts are certain to impress any wine expert in your life and even some beginners! So take the stress out of your holiday shopping and grab a glass of your favorite red.  Give your friends and family the gifts they really want this holiday season.

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