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We Picked Some of our Favorite Pairings For This Weight Watchers Wine

Weight Watchers Wine

One of the hardest things about dieting is reducing the amount of calories that you consume from your favorite food and beverages. While it is wonderful to unwind with a glass of wine after a long day working, those calories can quickly compound, making it difficult to see the weight loss results you are looking for.

It Just Makes Cense

If you are looking to lose weight while still having a wonderful glass of wine, keep an eye out for Cense wines. This collaboration between Truett Hurst Winery and Weight Watchers has delivered two incredible wines at a great value. These include a Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand and a Rosé sourced from the North and Central Coasts of California.

An average glass of white wine contains between 120 and 140 calories. What makes Cense wines so sensational is that they only have 85 calories in a single glass (three Weight Watchers SmartPoints), while still being an incredibly fresh and bright wine. These aren’t only low-calorie wines, they also have a lower alcohol content, coming in at only 9.6% compared to the 11-14% you will find with most other Sauvignon Blancs and Rosés.

Low Calorie, Full Flavor

With these brighter styles of wine, you don’t have to give up flavor when you cut out the calories. Launched in October of 2017, the Sauvignon Blanc has aromas of lemon and lime, crisp acidity, and a juicy grapefruit intensity on the palate. This style is classic to New Zealand, with its high UV levels allowing for fully ripe fruit notes while cooling ocean breezes preserve acidity.

The Cense rosé was a natural second choice after the success of the Sauvignon Blanc. It is bright and easy drinking, with a touch of tangerine, cherry, and strawberry. Grown in two of California’s most famous wine-growing regions, cool morning fogs help to protect the grapes from the sun early in the day which maintains mouthwatering acidity in the final wines.

“To develop Cense, we leveraged an innovative technology that captures the compounds that make up the flavor and aroma of a wine, holding them aside while removing excessive alcohol; this process allows us to reduce both calories and SmartPoints per serving without compromising on taste or bouquet” Phil Hurst, President and CEO of Truett Hurst said, describing the process utilized to produce this unique wine.  It took two years working with Weight Watchers to accomplish their goal.

Perfect Pairings

If you are looking for a healthy option to pair with these lovely wines, look no further. For an easy appetizer or starter, try something like Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Cucumber-Mango Salsa, or fresh Shrimp Ceviche with the Sauvignon Blanc. The bright acid found in both the salsa and the ceviche will harmonize beautifully with the wine, while the slight kick and green flavor of the spring rolls will find balance with such a refreshing white wine.

The Rosé is also a great appetizer wine, and while it would go well with something like the shrimp ceviche, certain cheeses and berry options will truly elevate the pairing. A Strawberry and Feta Cheese Salad is likely to make the fruit note really POP on this delightful bottle of wine.

For the main course, keep in mind that Sauvignon Blanc can easily be overpowered by strong tasting dishes. A good rule of thumb with the varietal is to stick to lighter fish entrees for a great pairing. Sole with Grapefruit-Thyme Butter works as a sublime pairing on so many levels. The luscious hit of juicy grapefruit found in the wine will help emphasize the flavor of the dish, and the acidity will create a nuanced mouthfeel with such a supple fish.

A few great entree pairing options for the rosé include Eggplant Pizza, Tuna Croquettes, and Salmon with Sunflower and Dill Pesto. With its limited skin contact, rosé wines are able to pair better with slightly hardier fish options, making salmon and tuna great choices. The natural acidity will cut through the richness of a fried croquette, while still being in balance with the flavor of the fish.

Found in Kroger stores and their website, Cense wines start at just $15/bottle. With an incredibly mouthwatering profile bursting with fruity character, Cense is so much more than just a diet wine; It is something that can help keep you healthy, living life on your terms. Invite a StiQit to the party for ultimate trifecta of healthy eating. 

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