Are You a Wine Expert? Test Your Knowledge With This Quiz

Are you a wine expert? Test your wine knowledge.

We all love to drink wine, but how much do you know about that delicious drink in your glass? We made a quiz to test your wine knowledge.

This quiz is only 9 questions long, but don’t be dismayed if you don’t get a high score. Even the finest wine connoisseurs have had trouble acing this one.

*Note: This wine quiz is best paired with a glass of your favorite red or white wine in your right hand while you select answers with your left.

Which Celebrity Owns a Vineyard?
How Many U.S. States Produce Wine?
What Country Produces Port Wine?
Which of These is a Top-Five Wine Producing Country Each Year?
Where Does Wine’s Color Come From?
Which Country Drinks the Most Wine Per Capita?
What is the Name for Someone Who Has a Fear of Wines?
Which Founding Father Was Known For His Passion for Wine?
What Types Of Wine Are Sulfite-Free?
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Are you a wine expert? Test your wine knowledge.
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